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Resource load planning
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APS for every budget
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Schedule To Delivery
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APS supporting the Industry 4.0 initiative - IIoT on Board
APS for every budget
Understand the real needs of production
ERP systems do not store data as detailed and do not rely on advanced algorithms to generate a satisfying schedule
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Zwiększ zyski i zyskaj przewagę konkurencyjną dzięki nowym możliwościom

HAL APS fills a huge gap between the imperfection of scheduling in ERP systems and the finite possibilities of Exel faced with very high level of complexity within operations and relying on simplified (fuzzy) logic.

Planners expect simple, quick answers to hundreds of burning questions. What to do if the material has not arrived, the machine has failed, we produce too many deficiencies, another priority order from an important customer came up, the cooperator does not work out, what to speed up and what to delay or run an additional change.

Visualization on the Gantt chart

From General to specific

Deman Planning

Sales Order Scheduling

We have implemented algorithms that can shorten production lead time, i.e. shorten the time from the beginning to the end of production (in consequence from order to payment).

Due Date

Due date which is calculated based on actual production cases. You can add an additional change with one click.

Priority Management

Priority orders, "for yesterday", coming in Ad-hoc for important customers. No material arrived, quality control questioned something. Simulate and manipulate the order of production.


EST - Early Start Time - the fastest possible task start date, used for forward calculation, LST - Late Start Time - the latest possible start date used for backward calculation.

Load Plan for machine, human resources and tools

Focus on fast knowledge transfer

Learning by example

The transfer of knowledge must take into account the fact that in the 21st century time is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, instead of discussing general cases in the process of acquiring knowledge, we support the industry's Best Practices.

Focus on details

Describe your production process to us and we will tell you how to reduce the changeover time, lead time, increase OEE of machines, reduce production costs, or work in the JiT or JiS regime.

Help video

We strengthen the transfer of knowledge by placing video recordings presenting the implementation of specific business scenarios. Second by second we are leading you step by step. Of course, traditional description and screenshots are also available.

Web interface

Working in a web browser is a powerful competitive advantage. Everyone can use it, it has become a window to the world, and for HAL it is a natural work environment.

Benefits and return on investment

Confirming orders to clients - Ad Hoc

Thanks to built-in advanced task scheduling methods, we are able to quickly confirm the deadline for completing customer orders

Reduction of lead time

Shortening the lead time of production and, as a consequence, the time from order to payment
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An idea for handling unplanned orders

Thanks to the built-in methods, manipulation of priorities, required dates and attributes of sales orders, we are able to change the order of production

Improving delivery timeliness

Improving the timeliness of deliveries by up to 50-90% - an increase in the number of deliveries made on time or under the Just in Time regime
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Material stock level reduction

Accurate demand management and extensive inventory management algorithms

Mechanisms for building inventory seasonality profile

Thanks to the implemented replenishment mechanism, HAL APS is able to build a time-varying stock of materials, semi-finished and finished products
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Productivity increase

Fast decision algorithms increasing the use of machines, people, assembly lines, robots, autonomous devices

Resource performance control

Machine performance can be limited by the work calendar (company, department, group, individual), planned shutdowns, scraping, unavailability of tools and freely definable secondary constrains
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Bottlenecks (Constrain Resources)

HAL APS precisely identifies constrain resources and thanks to built-in algorithms it is able to fully exploit the bottleneck on which factory processing depends

Floating bottlenecks (constrain)

HAL APS can plan work on constrain resource, floating constrain resource and many consta=rain resources simultaneously
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Optimization of changeovers

A modern approach to change management requires taking into account the aftermath of production. The changeover time is not fixed, it may depend on the order of performed operations, products, veterinary regulations, auxiliary operations such as washing lines.

Changeover matrix

Due to the possibility of defining the changeover matrix per single machine resource, the generated schedules are very precise
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Handling more than one job on a machine

HAL APS has the unique ability to manage batch devices. We are able to schedule the work of the furnace, mixer, mill, saw, laser burner, complex machining center.

Batch resource configurator

Task scheduling on a batch resource includes a multi-criteria task scheduling mechanism, e.g., same temperature, same processing time, same material, etc.
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HAL APS can work as an autonomous planning tool or as software exchanging information with a master (ERP) and slave (MES) system

Comarch ERP XL

We have a built-in API for the Comarch ERP XL system.
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Simulations, simple addition of additional work changes, cooperation, additional people

Drag and drop any object on the Gantt chart

Tasks visualized on the Gantt chart can be dragged freely. The system in tel performs complicated calculations and checks whether the operation is allowed or not.
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Communication with ERP and MES


We have defined the API to facilitate the process of data exchange between ERP and MES systems.

ERP Interface

Comarch, Oracle eBS, SAP, D365, Dynamics AX / NAV and others - it's possible.

Comarch ERP XL

A fully functional interface with the most-chosen ERP system in Poland

MES Interface

We will connect to any MES you use.

Batch planning

You don't have ERP
HAL APS can work without ERP

BOM - Bill of Material

Hierarchiczna, wielopoziomowa struktura BOM

Work calendar

Technological route


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