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APS Fast Track
course for plannist  
Production standards
The role of a planner, constructor, technologist, buyer
Sockets, machines, robots, tools, instrumentation
Human resources, competences, performance
Scheduling rules
ERP, MES, CMMS, HR data exchange
Practical exercises
Manage production disruptions
The training takes place from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
23% tax not included
APS Practitioner
course for plannist  
Batch and sequential resources
Production logistics
Difficult production cases
Advanced scheduling rules
Complicated retooling cases
WIP management
Bottleneck management - CCR
Lean manufacturing
The Best Practices
The training lasts two days
23% tax not included
HAL APS Cloud Platform
HAL APS OnPremise
Differences between APS and ERP
Overview of production scheduling tools
HAL APS functional review
Data exchange scenarios
Elements of competitive advantage
The needs of factories in industries
Asian, American and European standards
The training takes one day
23% tax not included
Practitioner level 1
Theoretical and practical exam
World production standards
Modeling of machine resources
Modeling of human resources
Designing BOM product structures
Optimization of technological routes
Multi-row constraints
Item patterns
The exam lasts 120 minutes
23% tax not included
Practitioner level 2
Required Practitioner 1 exam
Production and assembly line
Batch Resources - Furnace
Optimization of the work of the production cell
Manage production disruptions
Quality Control Optimization
Supply chain optimization
The exam lasts 120 minutes
23% tax not included
Future competencies

Change your life and gain competences that will revolutionize your work. A planner as the operationally most important person in a factory, who has the knowledge and a patent on how to shorten the lead time of production, how to optimize changeovers, how to shorten the lead time, and meet the deadlines.

Knowledge worth all the money, no matter where you work and where you will work. Change the world with us.

Go beyond the box

To promote innovative solutions, you need to know the limits and barriers of what you have at your disposal. To overthrow the Status Quo defended by change blockers, you need to be armed with knowledge and tools.

Tools are HAL APS, knowledge is our training, the future is you.

Course agenda
Table of content

1. Definition of the supply chain

2. Resources

2.1. Machines, production lines, assembly lines, workstations

2.2. Human resources and competences

2.3. Robots, cobots and competences

2.4. Tools, instrumentation, control and measurement apparatus

3. Production sockets

4. Resource work calendar

5. Bill of Material

6. Production route

6.1. Planning of production capacity

6.2. Time parameters of the resource's work

7. Changeover matrix

8. MTO - Production to order (serial, unit)

9. MTS - Make-to-Stock Production

10. Planning material needs, purchase requirements

11. Scenarios of cooperation (warehouse and technological cooperation)

12. Scheduling rules

13. The Best Practices - Work of a production planner and purchasing industry

14. Production orders / technological operations

15. Planning of repairs, services and inspections

16. Tool shop, research and development works

17. What-if analysis

18. Analysis of production capacity and OEE

19. Production logistics, milkman run

20. Tips & Tricks

21.Data exchange scenarios with other systems

22. Master Data

Who is the course for?

Production planners are the main target of the training. In complex organisations with a large division of roles and responsibilities, training can be very important for those responsible for supply chain coordination, directors and production managers.


Experienced trainer in the field of production scheduling and planning. Training conducted by an expert in the field of production can be ordered


Each participant will receive a certificate confirming the acquisition of new qualifications.

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